The following is a consent form to give Chelsea Tavis aka Tragic Glamour the permission to publish my likeness in her self published "Cheat Day" book. 

  • The book will be entirely self published and sold on

  • All images will be properly credited. No compensation will be given.

  • The book will have a mixture of cute themes, sexy/sensual themes, artistic themes, and silly themes. If you are not comfortable with your likeness being in a book with any such themes, please check the "NOT" box, and contact Chelsea to inform her of such.

  • The book will contain only images that were edited and sent to you in advance via dropbox. If you do NOT approve of any specific images, you are required to inform Chelsea Tavis before the final publish of the book to ensure it is not included. 

  • If any polaroid instant film taken during the shoot is to be included, it will be scanned and sent to the model for approval before included in the book design.

  • Each model included in the book will recieve a pdf of the entire book. Print copies will be available to purchase if youre interested in owning a copy.

  • If for any reason you are not wanting your images to be involved in the printed book or book promotion on ads or websites, please check the "NOT" box and inform Chelsea Tavis via email at

  • If you agree to all above and want your images in the book as originally discussed, and included in any promotion, proceed to fill out the form below to acknowledge your consent. 


If you have any questions or problems, please email to discuss openly before signing.

©2020 Chelsea Tavis. All Right's Reserved.