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Monthly themes

On top of my usual photoshoot packages, i'm offering these monthly themes to be submitted to the corresponding magazines! Email to book!

Jan: Neon (submit to Gothesque)

Feb: Morbid Dreams (submit to Gothesque)

March: Mother Nature (submit to Philocaly Magazine)

April: Colorful Hair or Wigs/Color Themes (submit to Dye Magazine or Philocaly Magazine) 

May: 90s/00s Theme (to submit to Xpressions Magazine) 

June: Simplicity/Shoots on simple backgrounds from sexy to NY fashion (submit to Xpressions Magazine)

July: Body Positivity (submit to high fashion/editorial magazine; Volition Magazine)

August: Fairies and Elves (to submit to Philocaly Magazine)

Sept: EXTRA/over the top makeup or fashion looks (submit to high fashion/editorial magazine; Volition Magazine)

Oct: Black and White/Film Noir (submit to Philocaly Magazine) 

Nov: TBD

December: TBD