Life can get a little hectic, so recently I decided to implement a weekly schedule to keep myself on track and keep my workflow steady. If you are ever wondering, "what days does she book?" or "what days does she edit/create pdfs/send stuff out?".. this is your new reference guide. Before starting this schedule I would work daily and constantly neglect myself to get stuff done for people on a moments notice. That isn't healthy because eventually i'd become so run down that i'd have to stop and do nothing for a week just to feel okay again. Then work would pile up, and the cycle continued. This schedule is my way of taking time for myself, while also getting everything done that i'm responsible for. Reclaim your time.  

Monday: Babysit (full day) & "Me Time"

Tuesday: Editing & Movie Day! (ALL DAY) + send out edits/pdfs/emails


Wednesday: Morning/Afternoon Shoots & Take Care of Grandma Overnight


Thursday: Babysit (half day) & Send out pdfs/edit + Additional work that needs to get done


Friday: Shoot Day/ Fun Day


Saturday: Shoot Day/ Fun Day


Sunday: Meal Prep and Organization Day