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You've Got Mail

For sponsorships, collabs, PR and any business inquiries: 

Contact me via email at

Twitch Promo:

Sponsor one stream or a month of streams to get-

  • Custom clip command that auto posts in chat every 30-60 min.

  • Banner on the stream and/or About Page.

  • Mention or use of product on stream.

YouTube Promo:

Sponsor one video at a time OR a full month of videos (4 videos total) to get-

  • Mention in the video OR

  • Customized ad in the video

  • Link in description

Tiktok/IG Promo:

  • Posts

  • Stories

  • Photos

  • Video Clips

Pick one or combine platforms into a package. Email me to discuss rates.


I only take sponsors I feel fully comfortable endorsing, Please approach me with your budget for the project and we can go from there.


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