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Photo taken by Gina Barbara Photography

Makeup & Styling & Model: Me 

Currently offering virtual & in person*!

Healing Session

Price: $150

If interested in booking a session, email:

My healing sessions are a mix of multiple tools to help in healing energy and gaining better clarity. A session starts with a talking session to get out the base line of what you've been going through. From then we do card readings to get some clarity on the matter. We end the session with a reiki session to realign the chakras and open any that are closed.

These can be done in person or on FaceTime.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that directs your energy to certain chakras that need help realigning and opening. It's perfect for anxiety, stress, depression and is great paired with healing work.

Time ranges depending on what you need but most sessions are about an hour long.

You should leave feeling lighter and more balanced.

* In Person is currently available to those who are vaccinated or tested negative and careful before attending. If you have any reason to feel you might be sick or have had contact with someone who is, please reschedule or we can do it over video chat.

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