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Photo Release Form

I acknowledge that the copyright of these images is held by the Photographer, Chelsea Tavis.

As the subject of the images i agree to the following terms:
1. Images will not be cropped, edited, filtered, or altered in any way. This includes, but not limited to, instagram filters, phone app alterations, photoshop, and other forms of alteration. If a change in editing is desired, please contact the photographer to make it.
2. Unedited images from the shoot will not be shared without express permission from the photographer.

3. Unedited images will be held up to a year to give the subject ample time to buy extras if desired.
4. The subject agrees to only post the watermarked images with the photographers logo on them, if available, when posting online.
5. Any print or promotional use of the images will be run by the photographer to ensure they are aware and can weigh in on the decision if needed.

6. Deposit for shoots is non refundable. Shoots can be reschedule up to 2 times before deposit is disolved and a new one will have to be put down to reserve a photoshoot date. 

The subject of the images has permission to:
- post the images online as long as they are credited properly. 
- print the hires images for personal use.
- print the hires images for individual sale for self promotion. However, you are required to discuss and share profit if it exceeds $1000 a year. Any other merchandise sale should be discussed with the photographer before being made.
- submit photos to magazines as long as credit is sent with it, and photographer is notified if it is accepted. If it is accepted, you are required to send the photographer the digital tear sheets so they can promote it as well.

If images are taken for personal use with no intent for promotion or career, please check the box below. This will ensure the images are not shared on social media or used for any promotion as they are considered private for your personal use only. If images can be shared on social media, permission can be given to photographer via email.


If you are looking to use the images for promotion, marketing, advertising, and/or magazine submission, check the box below to acknowledge your intent.
Checking that box acknowledges that: Chelsea Tavis of Tragic Glamour Photography has the right to share and distribute my likeness in the images she has taken of me. If compensation is given for any use of images, you will be contacted to discuss fair share of compensation. Any accepted magazine submissions, advertising, or promotion done by the photographer will be properly credited and shared with the subject for cross promotion.

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