No experience required. Book Anytime.
All sizes, ages, races, humans are welcome! 



Full Day Rate

4 outfits

25 edits
Hair and Makeup included

Individual Sessions


1 outfits

6 edits

Come hair and makeup ready



2 outfits

10 edits
Hair and Makeup included

Muse Package 

1 fully conceptual look

Styled head to toe, full hair & makeup.

Choose this package to become part of whatever my vision is.

I choose everything from concept to clothing, to hair and makeup,

final images, everything. (I will consult with you to make sure

you're on board with everything.)

Includes 6 final edits

Drag Session


1 outfits

6 edits



2-3 outfits

8 edits

Quick Session

(great for headshots and promo)


1 outfits

3 edits

Come hair and makeup ready

Group Shoots

$300 per person

1-2 outfits

4 edits each

Come hair and makeup ready

Healing Energy Session

$100 minimum - $300 with photo session

Click here to learn more about this session!


$50 non refundable deposit is required for all shoots to ensure commitment of date scheduled.
Shoots can be rescheduled up to 2 times, if needed, before deposit is dissolved. If client doesn't follow through and needs to reschedule a 3rd time, there will need to be a new deposit put down.


- Additional edits are $20 each or 10 for $150

- Polaroids to take home $10 each

- Behind the scenes video of shoot: $50

- One on One pose coaching, submission help, model advice, network/branding: $100

- Additional outfits: $50 each (includes 2 additional edits)


My wardrobe and wig closet is open to all clients who book! Please bring some of your own stuff as well so we can help style you perfectly for the images of your dreams!


Compensation should be received after completion of the shoot on that day. However, Payment plans are available if needed. I accept cash, paypal, or credit card.

Upon completion of the shoot you will receive:
- a pdf of all of the best images from the shoot to pick your top favorites from for editing. once you pick your favorites, send the image numbers of your favorites to me via email for editing. Pdf's and edits are sent out on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays each week.
- hi resolution and web sized edited images within 4-6 weeks of time after you choose your images to be edited and send them via email.
(time frame may change depending on complexity of edits or workload, you will be notified if such instances occur)
- a signed paper from me is available for allowing you to print the images for personal use, which most printing places, including Walgreens, require to print professional photos. Please ask for one if desired.


- only edited images are given to clients and tf. i do not give out unedited images as they can reflect badly upon my work.
- please do not share unedited screenshots of the pdf proofs.
- please do not crop out my logos on images posted, or post images that don't have logos on them. if they get shared around, they wont have credit.
- please do not re-edit images on photoshop or phone apps, including but not limited to instagram filters.
- please post the photo credit info in the description when posting online an when sending to magazines and companies.
- companies must ask in advance before using images for major promotional advertisement (larger than posting on instagram or fb)
- all images are owned by me unless a deal is made and copyright is officially signed over to another party.

** For shoots you plan on submitting to magazines or selling prints of, please notify me ahead of time before such activity occurs.
I do allow people to sell prints of our work together without sharing profit unless profit exceeds $1000 a year, at which time i'd like to negotiate some kind of percentage.
You are more than welcome to submit images for publication! I'd just like to know that its being submitted.

-If you do not pick your favorite images within 6 months after the shoot is paid off and i send you the pdf, and you fail to communicate when contacted, i will pick images for you to be edited and send them. 

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