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         In early 2015 i started work on a project that i fell in love with. Combining my passion of fashion photography with my love/hate relationship with food. In this photo series, that i plan to create into a self published photo book in the end of 2016, you will see people of all shapes and sizes, models from the mainstream and alt tattoo industry, and more! I've encouraged models and clients alike to join in and show the many aspects that Food + Fashion could create. Envoking many different feelings with each photo set. From sexy, to controversial, to cutsie, to funny, to healing.

         The stories of self love i've experienced when working on this have been incredible. Many people deal with battles with food. Myself included, always up and down with weight, using food for comfort when stressed. Over the last couple years i have implemented meal prepping into my weekly life, so my friday cheat day is something i really look forward to!

         Some people can't gain weight, and some people feel like they gain weight just looking at food. Both skinny and plus size people deal with judgement for their bodies. Bodies that food fuels, comforts, and sometimes makes you sick. Having people take this series as a chance to overcome their feelings of food, to celebrate their love of food, to overcome their fear, and even to take back their power, has given this project more meaning than i could ever hope for.

       Shooting for this project is currently closed. I was planning on creating a book with this project but was very discouraged from an event that occurred with my previous book. For now, I will not be pursuing a book publish with this project, but I will be adding more of the images on here for those interested! Many of the images have been published in a feature with Xpressions Magazine. Thank you for your love and support. 

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