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Planning Your Week with the Moon

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Do you follow the moon cycles? Do you have a hard time organizing? Do you often forget where the moon is at so you constantly wonder "why am I feeling this way?" and then realize its connected to the moon later on?

Well this is all me so I decided to do some research! I sought out two key components that I thought I could plan my week around each week. The moon phases and the spiritual energies of each day of the week.

The energies of the days I found here:

Now the other energies I'm not adding into this are your own astrological influence and how it connects to the current planet alignments.. but that was all too complex for a weekly planner. Ideally, I'll figure that out in the future.. fingers crossed.

I'm currently working on a healing notebook and one of the things I'm thinking of adding in there is this weekly planner. Until then, here's a free print out! I just started using this but it has already been helpful for me to not be so hard on myself.

Right Click or hold your finger down on image and save to your device to print. Do not copy and share this as your own.

If you want to share, please credit back to me and my website.

You can also download here:

Download PDF • 3.19MB


I take the current moon phase and the energy of the day to plan my week accordingly.

It helps me feel more graceful on days that I can't get much done. I often try to put options on each day so I feel like I still have choice in my day, even if I have a lot of stuff I "have" to do.

Moon Phase Energies:

🌑 New Moon: Intention setting, new beginnings, fresh start

🌒 Waxing Crescent: Self assurance, self confidence, planning

🌓 First Quarter: Reflection, pause, self appreciation

🌔 Waxing Gibbous: Honing/Focus, mindfulness, action

🌕 Full Moon: Manifestation, inner work, divination

🌖 Waning Gibbous: Asses, evaluate, review, reflect

🌗 Third/Last Quarter: Let it go, release, cleanse

🌘 Waning Crescent: Surrender control, self-kindness, compassion

🌑 New Moon: Intention setting, new beginnings, fresh start

Learn more about moon phases here:

Let me know if this helps you and if you end up using it!

xox Chelsea


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