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What does a shoot usually consist of?

A breakdown of what to expect:



-Before the shoot, i assume we will be emailing back and fourth. I should be including in these emails a list of common stuff to bring to a shoot, like false eyelashes, basic clothing such as heels, leggings, solid colored undergarments, lingerie, and whatever you might want to shoot in. This is YOUR shoot that YOU are paying for, so my job is to bring your vision to life and make you look and feel like the best version of you! That's what all the celebrities get.. and you deserve the celeb treatment!

- I should also send you my new release form that can be filled out electronically. If not, you can fill it out here:

- You should send a $50 deposit via paypal to book your spot.
Payment plans can also be discussed at this time.



- You show up to the location of the shoot and are greeted warmly by me, Chelsea, the photographer to which you've booked with via email.

- We go over what you are hoping to get from the shoot, your expectations, ideas, inspiration.

- We look over what clothing choices you brought to shoot in, as well as look over any of my photo wardrobe you may want to use.

- If you booked a makeup and hair package: We go over what looks you would like for the shoot, pictures, inspiration, or you can leave it in my hands! Whatever makes you the most comfortable and will achieve the best result for your special photoshoot!

- Then we get into hair and makeup. This process usually takes about an hour - 1.5 hours depending on the complexity of the look desired.

- Once the look is ready with hair and makeup, you get dressed in the first wardrobe choice and we go to pick the perfect set for your shoot.

- Then the shoot begins.. this usually lasts about 30 mins to go through a variety of poses, set changes, and of course to get over the first 5 minutes or so of proper warm up. After that, the nerves wear off and you really start to get comfortable in the fact that this shoot is what you make of it. I will continue to shoot with you, showing you images as we go, to ensure you're happy with the result. If at any point i forget to show you images and you want to see, feel free to ask! I tend to get in the zone and sometimes forget.

- If you booked a second look, we will then get any makeup/hair changes, wardrobe changes made and head to the second set.
(set can refer to any location at which we are shooting, including outdoors)

- This repeats for any additional looks.

- After that, the shoot is done!
At that point you can pay whatever the remaining balance is. Some people pay beforehand. Some people get on a payment plan. So this part varies.



- Once the shoot is over...
You will receive a pdf of the best images from the shoot.
This pdf is your proof sheet.
You can then message me the numbers of the images (labeled under the image)
I will then work on edits and send them to you via email.
You can purchase extra edits at the time. Prices will be sent along with the proof sheet.
You will receive two images that look similar.. One is a hi resolution image that will be labeled as such. This image can be used for printing and magazine publishing.
Two will be a web sized version that will have my watermark on it and will be properly sized to upload to any social media and anywhere online you'd like.


I edit and work on pdf's on Tuesdays and Thursday's. Check my weekly schedule if you are wondering when you may get edits or can book shoots.

Some shoots I do are with people who are modeling or working to get themselves known. Photoshoots are done to promote themselves and get themselves seen via magazines and online. I will happily cross promote with you if this is your intention and include your links if provided when i post an image.

If you are doing this for personal reasons and would not like to have your images posted anywhere, that is no problem at all, just let me know up front!



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